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Licensing 101

Why is Content Licensing Important?

Any media (video or photo) from an athletic event (game, practice, workout) has various owners and stakeholders, including, but not limited to: The individual athlete(s), the school, the conference, and the broadcast partners. Additionally, there may also be logos and trademarks captured in the media which are also protected. Each time a piece of content is distributed commercially, all of these stakeholders have certain rights and protections.

If an individual athlete shares an image for profit without proper clearance and approval, there are numerous potential ramifications. For example:

  • If an athlete sells a photo of him/herself without consent from the photographer or photo owner,
  • If an athlete uses video highlights of him/herself in a commercial manner without permission from other players captured in the video, or
  • If an athlete sells video highlights or redistributes content owned by the school/conference without their approval, then the infringed parties may have grounds for a dispute.

In each of these scenarios, numerous people or organizations have protected rights. They are all potentially entitled to financial gain. As such, they are also entitled to legal recourse if they are excluded from the process.

While there are countless scenarios in which copyrighted content may be used and each should be handled on a case-by-case basis, the point remains the same: An athlete must go through the proper channels to protect him/herself when using photos or video in a commercial manner.

The goal at Catapult is to guide athletes, schools, and conferences through this licensing process so that all parties may maximize opportunities for exposure and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any game action video clips or photos are controlled by a copyright holder. Video footage is normally controlled by the conference, school, or television network. Photos are most often controlled by the school or an individual photographer. Any photos or video clips of practice, workouts, on-campus events are most often owned and controlled by the school.

Any photos or video clips of practice, workouts, on-campus events are most often owned and controlled by the school.

Yes. There are potentially significant financial and legal penalties for the use of copyrighted materials without express written consent from the copyright holder.

In addition to copyright clearances, the owner of the image often controls the school trademarks shown within the image.

Yes. Copyright holders normally charge a license fee for the use of copyrighted materials in editorial or commercial projects. However, schools, conferences, and television networks retain the right to grant limited uses of content and reduce or waive the associated license fees.

License fees are calculated based on the specific content uses. For example:

  • Will the content be used editorially or in a commercial nature? Will the content be used on television or just on digital/social platforms?
  • Will the content be used on television or just on digital/social platforms?
  • How long with the content be used?
  • Will content be distributed locally or nationally?
A Catapult Licensing representative will work with prospective licensee to determine the appropriate rights needed for each specific project.

No. Copyright holders maintain control of photos and video clips, regardless of whether the content was obtained directly or through a third-party.

Catapult is the leading source for officially licensed collegiate sports content. Catapult represents the copyright of footage and photos for over 100 schools and conferences.

Catapult grants both editorial and commercial licenses to individuals, media outlets, agencies, and studios. License Fees vary based on the content licensed, project in which the content will be used, rights requested, territory and usage term. Pending review and approval from the rights holders, Catapult will grant the rights necessary to use the content in the project, territory and term requested.

In most cases, there are limitations to the rights granted within the license. For example, if content is used in a commercial manner, the licensees are normally responsible for clearing the likenesses of other individuals featured within the content. A Catapult license does not clear the likenesses of all individuals contained within the footage or photos.

Any form of monetization associated with copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited without the required license and approvals. Additionally, content licensed through Catapult may not be used in association with gambling/sports wagering, performance enhancing drugs, firearms, adult content, or content that defames the institutions or other individuals shown within the content.

Individuals or organizations that infringe copyright can face legal action. Most often, copyright infringements are treated as civil offences and result in monetary damages.

All Catapult licensed photos and video clips are owned and controlled by its collegiate school, conference, bowl, or television partners. Even when a content license is granted, the copyright holder remains does not change.

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Catapult represents the footage libraries for hundreds of schools, leagues, and sports organizations. From football to soccer, if you need sports footage for your editorial, commercial, or film project, Catapult is the leading source worldwide.

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